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My Business Coach – Business Mentor

Attention business owner: If you have even the slightest bit of drive and an extra hour a day to spare, you can create 3-5 new income streams per month that do nothing but put money in your pockets on complete autopilot…

 Business Coaching To Create Multiple Streams Of Income in your business On Demand Every Single Month !

You Can Put Cash In Your Pockets No
Matter How Slow The Economy Gets…

 One of the richest men in the world, J. Paul Getty once said…  

  “You must be in business for yourself. You’ll never get rich working for someone else.”  is all about Business Coaching to empower you build successful Profitable Small business’s. Our passion is to help you create multiple streams of income on demand every month from running several businesses eliminating years off your learning curve with the help of a Business Coach.

If you have the passion, We can clarify your purpose and offer a practical process to help you achieve success and profitability in your business.

What would you like to be celebrating this time next year?

  • Starting a successful new business?
  • Doubling your business sales and profit?
  • Learning new business skills?
  • Taking your business online
  • Being more focused and in control?
  • Prosperous Retirement Planning in progress?
  • Personal and Financial Empowerment
  • Improving the balance between work and play?
  • Feeling more confident and calmer?

Business mentoring and Business Coaching from someone who has already proved their success can help you achieve this and more.

Peter Drucker said “ Knowledge and Know how are the Keys to Success in the 21stcentury” but one word is missing “APPLIED”

Our mission is to give everyone on our Coaching program and attendees at our workshops and training programs applied knowledge to maximise their potential while living a purpose driven life by empowering them with hands on training tools, Resources, Proven Successful Business Models and Blueprints they can duplicate.

Our aim is to help individuals and organisations become more effective, more productive and more profitable through having a highly trained, committed and motivated workforce. Our training services are often used as a catalyst for change, helping to improve and modernize organisational skills and behaviour to support business objectives.

We offer a diverse and flexible range of learning products: from standardised content and delivery through to highly customised services, depending on individual and organisational needs.

All our tutors on the training workshops are experts in their own field, and are able to give the professional guidance needed. They are always keen to encourage and inspire through their knowledge and enthusiasm, Attendees can master the course in a way that will give a real sense of achievement

Current Training programmes

  • Start my own Business workshop                       * Higher Dimensions in Business
  • Start your business on the internet                   * Grow your Business
  • Personal Empowerment                                         * Financial Empowerment
  • Prosperous Retirement Planning                       * Real Estate Investment Strategies
  • eBay PowerSeller2be                                               * The Excellent Manager
  • Stress Management                                                  * Time Management
  • Basic Counselling skills
  • Become a Lifecoach – Kickstart your coaching business

The training Workshops are available as stand alone units. Each topic at the workshop is handled by trainers who not only possess excellent presentation and educational skills but are proficient, experienced, and successful coaches in their own right.

If you have any questions after going through the workshop topics, online training or would like to attend one of our Workshops. Please give us a call or email us using the contact page. We’d love to hear from you

What would you do with $5,000 per month to spare?


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